Trail Addiction

I am ADDICTED to backpacking, hiking, and trail running. And therein lies the premise of this blog. We – you and me – are going to build a blogging relationship based on a love for the trails and spending as much time out in the wilderness as possible. [Read More]

Sense of Adventure

When a person loves something the way I love climbing, exploring, and being a part of the mountains, it is an impossible something to let go of. In the moment the destroyers become satisfied that I have sufficiently found myself, I will have become truly lost. [Read More]

Home sweet home

Home is a slippery subject in the midcountry. Just try asking any dirtbag next time you’re at Indian Creek or Joshua Tree, “Where are you from?” Ten bucks says they stumble: “Well, uh, originally….and then…and now…” Or maybe you’re a card-carrying resident here, and you stumble yourself. In some ways, we are homeless. In many other ways, we are homefull. In the midcountry, just like on a backpack trip, home is where the heart is. Literally. It’s wherever you, your cardio blood pumper, and everything it attaches to happen to settle for a moment. [Read More]