Snowkiting is fast becoming a very popular winter sporting activity.

Snowkiting is an exciting hybrid sport between skiing/snowboarding and paragliding.
It allows you to ski or snowboard both down AND up the hill with a moderate breeze and without the hassle of chairlifts. You’ll also be able to cruise on flat, open snow fields with ease with wind from just 5mph to over 40mph!

Snowkiting originated as a means for mountaineers on arctic expeditions to haul both themselves and their gear across frozen tundra. Now, you can reap the rewards with this fun activity!

Another great thing about snowkiting is the air time you’ll get with stronger gusts of wind! Freestyler’s will love the increased air time being able to pull of tricks previously reserved for only the most experienced skiers/boarders.

Snowkiting uses basically the same equipment and a few of the techniques in kiteboarding (which we also sell at The Mountain Shop).

You will pilot a large, steerable kite using speed and power to cruise along all sorts of snowy terrain from backcountry, alpine and freestyle conditions. Most beginners, with previous ski/snowboard experience, can get the hang of it within a day, easily traversing over flat areas, cruising down slopes and often times going up the hill on day one! An easy way to start is on a snowy football or soccer field on a moderately windy day.

All you’ll need is a pair of skis or a snowboard, the appropriate kiting gear (a kite and harness), a breeze and a hill to have boatloads of fun! …all without the expense of a lift ticket!

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