Beta from Rick

Hey everyone, Fall is here, or so it would seem up at Chaos Canyon. Temps when I was up a few Thursday’s ago were crisp and the friction was good. The monsoon weather pattern that’s been haunting Front Range Climbers seems to be changing. Come up to the Park for send season. The next month will be the best conditions to try and send your projects. Check out Autobots for one of the best and boldest V5 on the Front Range. Beer pick of the week: For an outstanding beer, one of the best in the world, check out the Grand Cru from Brasserie de Rocs. It scores a 100/100 from BeerRate! This an outstanding ale in the Belgian Strong Brown Ale style. The alcohol content is 9.5 % ABV, so one is usually enough. It’s not overtly hoppy, with a fantastic malt balance and a wonderful spiciness that comes from its unique yeast. One drawback, be careful not to stir up the yeast in the bottom of the bottle. It affects the taste of this beer more than others. I hope you like it as much as I did!